About Us

The Body Piercing & Tattooing Channel is a YouTube Channel that focuses on Educational Videos about Body Piercing & Tattooing.

Professional Tattoo & Piercing Artists

Everyone that contributes to the Channel is a Professional Tattoo Artist or Piercer.

 It's a Calibration

The channel is a calibration between Axiom Body Piercing and Skin Kitchen Tattoo.

Our Channel's Series Line Up

The Studio Updates is the longest-running series on the Channel. Started in 2018 it is published every Friday and features current Tattoos by the artists of Skin Kitchen Tattoo, with each highlighting their Tattoo of the Week. Also, the latest news about the studio and a rundown of the latest video content.

Body Piercing Basic is an education-based video series focused on those new to the Body Piercing and even those seasoned vets. The subjects range from basic information to more in-depth explainations.

Every Saturday, DaVo of the Axiom discusses five advantages and five disadvantages of a piercing or a piercing related subject.

Tattoo stories includes timelapse videos and discussions about the process of getting and doing a tattoo.

Education Video series covering a number of Tattoo Related Topics.

One of our tattoo artists covers the advantages and disadvantages on a Tattoo related topic

YouTube Video version of our panel discussion shows whether Tattoo Artists and Piercers sit down and discuss common Tattoo and Piercing Questions. Our regular panel includes Tattoo Artists Jack Lowe, Westley Dickerson & Jimmy St John of Skin Kitchen Tattoo and DaVo of Axiom Body Piercing. There is also a podcast version. 

The Podcast Version of the Q&A in the Kitchen

Who Are We?

Skin Kitchen Tattoo is a Tattoo Studio established in 1997 in Des Moines, Iowa owned and operated by Jack Lowe. 

The Axiom is a Body Piercing Studio established in 1994 by DaVo and sublets from Skin Kitchen Tattoo.

Body Art Education

The focus of the channel from the start is to avoid the sensational side of Body Art and focus on Education those new to Piercing and Tattooing in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand.

Creating a Community

One of our goals is to create a safe place to share ideas and information about Tattooing and Piercing that is open and inviting to everyone.

Studio Updates