DaVo aka David "DaVo" Wilkins is one of the main creative forces behind the channel. Not only is he often in front of the camera but he also does all the filming, editing, and sound production. He divides his day between running and operating the Axiom Body Piercing Studio in Des Moines as he has since 1994 and producing content for the channel.


DaVo was the first professionally trained piercer in the state of Iowa. First starting out at Creative Images and then moving on to his own studio in 1995 that was located in the now called, East Village Area of Des Moines. In 1997. The Axiom became the first Piercing Only Studio in the state and in 1999 he moved into Skin Kitchen Tattoo. That started a relationship that has continued to this day.


Outside of Piercing DaVo has been active in the Des Moines Punk and Music scene since the mid-1980s. This has taken many forms from being a fan to being the lead vocalist in the punk band The Have Nots with Paul Gray and Joey Jordison of Slipknot fan to Independently Promoting shows at Safari Nite Club and Hairy Mary's to most recently being a Talent Buyer at Lefty's Live Music from 2015-2018. Along the way, he has been involved with helping many local, regional, and national bands. 


For more information about DaVo and to read some of his personal blogs and to watch some of his Vlogs go to his personal site https://davoaxiom.com.

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