Jack Lowe aka Captian Jack has been a Professional Tattoo Artist since 1993. He owns and operates Skin Kitchen Tattoo in Des Moines and has done so since 1997. Before that he tattooed professional in Des Moines, Iowa, Arizona, and Chicago, Illinois. He has been published in multiple magazines and has won several awards for his tattooing. 


Jack is featured on the panel of Q&A in the Kitchen and a regular on our Studio Updates with his Tattoos of the Week. Also, he has been featured in a number of Tattoo Stories and our tattoo education series Tattoo 101 and Pros & Cons by a Tattoo Artist.


Jack is also an amateur pilot and motorcycle enthusiast. For more information and to see his work go to https://skinkitchen.com/jack


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Location - Des Moines, IA

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