Westley Dickerson is a Tattoo Artist currently working at Skin Kitchen Tattoo. An Iowa native, he got my start in Des Moines as an apprentice in 2006 and has progressed from the original shop to work with a variety of amazing artists to learn from. Not content with just one or two specific styles, he has jumped at the chance to try new forms of art, and push himself to be able to do a good job on any tattoo that comes his way.


Westley has been a regular on our panel show Q&A in the Kitchen and Studio Updates with his Tattoo of the Week. Also, West has been featured on Tattoo 101 and Pros & Cons by a Tattoo Artist. 


Westley hobbies include leatherwork and makes Inkapes an apron used by many tattoo artists, for more information on Westley and to see examples of his work go to https://skinkitchen.com/westley.

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Location - Des Moines, IA

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